Måneridt is a film that deals with nostalgia and reminiscence in its portrait of the fascination MISCHA feels towards their father, maritime culture and the sailor myth and figure. The visual language of the film will mirror this nostalgia. The entire film will be in black and white, but the majority will be shot digitally. In between the intro and part 1 we see a montage of footage of the father as a young man and as an adult. This montage will be filmed in 16mm. This is a way to visualize how the father turned into a mythical figure out of memory and imagination. Analogue film already has a nostalgic quality. Being a 21st century filmmaker who has grown up in our contemporary digital age, analogue film seems linked to a time gone by, being the main materiality of most of the 20st century film history. I will use this material nostalgia actively for my film. Both to stress the sense of nostalgia and to create a confusion of historical time – are we set in a contemporary setting or in mid-20st century? During the film there will be moments to amplify this confusion, making it dwell aesthetically in oldschool sailor nostalgia or to make it feel more contemporary.